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Transforming the guest experience in hospitality

Wishbox is a leading guest experience platform that provides end to end solutions allowing hotels, vacation rentals, and hostels to engage and communicate with guests and generate more revenue by up-selling services. 

We empower hosts and allow them to take control over the guest journey and improve their guest experience from the moment the booking is confirmed until check out. 

Wishbox easily integrates to the core systems of the hotel, allowing hoteliers to quickly start using digital solutions to automate labor work, generate more revenues, push their brand awareness, and significantly increase guest satisfaction.

Our Values 

Increase Efficiency 

Eliminate the repetitive tasks of day-to-day guest communication, by automating the entire guest journey. Wishbox will send the right information to the right guest at the right time, using their own native language, drastically reducing incoming calls from guests, while enhancing the guest engagement.

Generate New Streams of Revenue

Offering more services to guests and generate more revenue from every guest by upselling many in-house and in-destinations services, expanding the range of services hotels offer by allowing them to connect with local 3rd party suppliers.

Skyrocket Guest Experience 

Wishbox allows hospitality professionals to bring their own brand, culture, and experience into the digital platform, creating and delivering a new and relevant guest experience, giving guests easy access to hotel services, and facilities and communication with staff.

Increase Brand Awareness

Wishbox is a white-labeled product, allowing you to communicate with guests using your own branding and maximize brand awareness 

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