A Digital Transformation for your
Hotel, Hostel & Vacation Rental

Wishbox is a leading guest experience platform that provides end to end solutions allowing short-terms, vacation rentals, hotels and hostels to engage and communicate with guests and generate more revenue by up-selling services. 

We empower hosts and allow them to take control over the guest journey and improve their guest experience from the moment the booking is confirmed until check out.

Wishbox operates in 50 countries worldwide, with tens of thousands of active properties using the system, engaging with over 100,000 unique guests every month. In 2019 the platform facilitated over 500,000 pre-check-ins and check-outs for managers with over 150,000 reviews completed in the system

Shai Bar - CTO, David Mezuman - CEO, Jeremy Atlan - Biz Dev

Wishbox helps hosts:

1. Work less

We know how hard you work. Everyone in the accommodation business needs to be 100% accessible and eager to assist.  This is the reason we invest so much in the development of super-smart, automated tools and wizards, in the guest’s native language. With this combination, you will save an average of more than 18 minutes per reservation!


2. Generate more revenue

Your guests are asking for more, why not to give them what they ask for?

Well, probably because you don’t have the time to do that and the income from these additional services is not especially high.

This is why we developed completely automatic tools. To help you offer the guests what they want and generate more revenue with no additional work from your side. A classic Win-Win.


3. Skyrocket the guest experience

This is the key to a healthy and sustainable business in the accommodation world. Wishbox’s holistic platform leads to happy guests that lead to great reviews that lead to more and more bookings. 

Using Wishbox will upgrade you guests reviews score. We guarantee you that.

4. Increase brand awareness 

Wishbox allows hosts to communicate their branding to guests and increase brand awareness. Our white labeled guest app is available for guests throughout their stay.

With offices based in Paris and Tel Aviv and with great partnerships, Wishbox is already trusted by thousands of vacation rentals and hotels worldwide, taking advantage of the Wishbox’s guest experience management system. Seamlessly.