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Most frequent questions and answers
Wishbox is built for all hospitality providers, including vacation rentals, hotels, hostels and private hosts. Our solutions are easily customizable to suite different accommodation providers’ needs.

Wishbox connects with PMS’s, channel managers,, airbnb & more. Making it easy to  receive all reservation and rental information and communicate with your guests before arrival. 

You will be charged only for the number of rentals that had reservations in the current month of the payment. Therefore, the monthly subscription price can vary between month to month.

No limit! you can add as many users as you need and set different access levels per users. 

All the Wishbox features are included in the monthly subscriptions. A 10% upsell fee for additional income applies. 

No, the 10-day free trial is open to register and use without the need to add any payment method.

After every charge you will receive a receipt to your registered company’s email address.