Upsells with Wishbox


Generate more revenues and let your guests get more!

New Feature update

By enabling the Upsell by Wishbox, you will be able to offer your guests additional services through the Wishbox platform.

In the Upsell you can easily accept online payments from your guests by credit cards, that would be automatically transferred to your bank account or to your Stripe account.

In addition, you can add the option to accept all or some of the payments in cash as well.

In the Wishbox upsell you are also able to add services from external suppliers and connect them to the automatic payments. Wishbox supports auto-split payments (*in supported countries only), therefore, for each service, you can set the price to be shown to your guests and the fee that you will receive automatically and will be deducted from the payout to the supplier.

Wishbox charge for the Upsell a 10% service fee.  The service fee is calculated based on the price of the service and is automatically deducted from the host’s payout for credit card payments, or billed from the hosts payment method for cash payments.

If accepting online payments by credit cards, the service fee doesn’t includes the Stripe fees or Payoneer fees (expect for the transportation services, in countries in the EU, where it’s include all fees).

The services can be offered through the emails, automatic messages, pre check-in & out wizards and in the guest app.

To learn more on how to set up your Upsell by Wishbox settings, click here.

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