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Latest thinking and practice advise on guest experience, marketing, and management in hospitality.


Top Ideas for Upselling

Looking for ideas for products and services to offer your guests? here is the ultimate upsell list

Book direct

How to get more direct bookings – The checklist

Many accommodation providers have given up on direct bookings because of the hard work involved. Yet despite the challenges, direct bookings are a long term investment in your business that is worth your effort.

Interviews with experts

Tips from an award-winning travel influencer

There is no arguing that influencers and industry thought leaders play a major role in marketing. 89% of businesses say that their ROI from influencer marketing is comparable to or better than other marketing channels.

hotel marketing

5 Free USEFUL marketing tools for hospitality

Managing marketing for hospitality can be a time consuming role. There are so many preferences to prioritize and channels to manage, finding the right marketing tools can make a big difference in performance. We gathered 5 free tools for hospitality marketing that will help you up your marketing game

Working with Travel influencers

The Ultimate Guide to Working with Travel Influencers

It isn’t surprising that 71% of marketer say the quality of customers and traffic from influencer marketing is better than other sources. Influencers typically have a highly engaged audience following them, serving as a powerful way to guide the desired audience to your property.


Creating content for your guest guidebook

It doesn’t matter if you are a private host, operate vacation rentals, a hostel or hostel- Creating content for your guests is one of the basic things you can do to enhance guest satisfaction, increase sales and improve your service.